About Elyse Marie Photography

As a photographer, Elyse reflects emotion and feeling in her work - whether it be a sense of happiness or peculiarity, the story behind the image is always very powerful. Elyse has had a camera in her hand since she was young, photograping her childhood in play - Manifesting a future in this world of artistry, Elyse earned a BFA from Brooks Institute in 2013. Now, she is pursuing her passion, finding inner peace and creativity thorugh her photography between sunny Colorado and California.

Elyse is a bright, sensitive and happy woman who strives on living her life to the fullest. She finds direction exploring her surroundings and defining herself through travels. From the time she was a small child, this has been her basic nature. Besides work endeavors, Elyse finds herself adventuring to the mountains, desert and is always in and around the ocean - Capturing the dream that never ends, Elyse will proceed to embrace her journey.